Everything starts with your passion of doing what you love.  A vacancy is more than an opportunity, it can be a moment where your life can change in a split second, professionally and personally. The choices we make shape our future and that is when we need support and guidance.

Our candidates will experience and find the change they are in search of.

How? Through honest and direct communication, we service our candidates by coaching in order to achieve their goal. 

Where to next?

Head of Production

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Full Time  |  Permanent

Greg Costikyan says that games are “an art form in which participants, termed players, make decisions in order to manage resources through game tokens in the pursuit of a goal.”

If you think about it, your career is also a game, right?

What we’re…

PHP Developer

Who wants to code with PHP?

It’s not the most fashionable choice. That’s usually JavaScript, or one of its many cousins.

But what other programming language can say they built Facebook? In 2004, when social media was mostly a concept. Who succeeded in connecting 2.7 billion people worldwide.

So where can your PHP skills take you? 

We’re hiring an experienced PHP Developer on behalf of a client who isn’t Facebook, but is no small fish in the Tech world. Their websites handle a huge load of traffic, which means you’ll need the right skills and experience to handle the pressure. In return, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that your work is seen by hundreds of millions of people worldwide every day.

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Full time  |  Permanent

Senior .NET Developer (.NET Core)

Our client is a world leader in transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants. Solutions are delivered via mobile, online platform, card or paper voucher in 46 countries

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Full time  |  Permanent

iOS Developer

Our client is an international e-commerce company with offices in Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Full time  |  Permanent

Machine Learning Engineer / Python Expert

Our client is an ambitious and fast-growing start-up in the field of Information Technology 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Full time  |  Permanent